Seravo Plugin – Database

The database page of the Seravo Plugin allows you to easily see the status of the database, helps with managing and connecting to it, and provides a tool for making database search-replace and cleanup operations straight from your WordPress dashboard. 

Database Size

The database size graph shows the total size of the database, as well as the size of each individual table. By opening the toggle menu at the bottom, you can see more detailed information on database tables and their sizes.

This is an especially useful tool for when your site is experiencing slow database queries, as bloated table sizes have an adverse effect on the database's performance.

Database Access

The credentials for the database are safely stored on the server, out of reach for anyone without SSH access to the server. This postbox is a handy reminder of how you can find the credentials. Do note, our customer service does not hand out these credentials to anyone, because if you for some reason might need them, there's a good chance you should be familiar enough with SSH to fetch them yourself.

Manage the Database with Adminer

There's no need to install PHPMyAdmin to access the database, Adminer can handle all the same things more securely. Our How Do I Get Access to the Database support articles covers this with more detail for those interested in gaining access to the database of their site.

Database Cleanup Tool

Database Cleanup Tool offers a graphical way to run command wp-db-cleanup. This tool provides an easy way to search if there are any cruft or excessive and empty tables in the database. Running a dry run first tells if there is something to cleanup. Running the cleanup can also help you to free up some disk space.

Search-Replace Tool

Search-replace is one of the most useful tools included in WP CLI, and we've brought it to the Seravo Plugin. With the search-replace tool you can, for example, replace one domain with another in the database, if you wish to change the address of the site.

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