Defining the primary domain for my site

WordPress’s siteurl and home settings determine the address where the site is displayed. If the site has used the address during the development stage, the address must be changed in the control panel, when the site is published. Enter the address in the appropriate field under Settings > General

Changes can also be made from the command line with the wp-cli tool:

$ wp option get siteurl

$ wp option get home

$ wp option update siteurl
Success: Updated 'siteurl' option.

$ wp option update home
Success: Updated 'home' option.

If you would like to ensure that all references of the old address in the database are replaced with the new one, this can be done with the command wp search-replace '//' '//' --all-tables

Defining the site domain in WordPress network (multisite)

Changing the domain in multisite is slightly different than in basic WordPress installation. For configuring and mapping domains in WordPress networks, also known as multisites, please refer to our multisite instructions.

Need more domains?

Sometimes it is useful to have multiple domains directing to the same site. At Seravo, each plan includes the upkeep of one basic domain (com, net, org, or such). You can register more domains when ordering your plan, or by getting in touch with our customer service. You can also transfer additional, already registered domains to Seravo.

The price includes registry fees, name server upkeep, domain routing, functionality control, HTTPS certificate as well as related guidance and troubleshooting. The price is always the same regardless of whether the customer uses all of these services.

Our practice differs from how other service providers typically work. The pricing is simple and there are no hidden payments. Seravo handles everything related to the domain.

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