Seravo Plugin – Upkeep

The upkeep page is where you can find the settings, tools, and analytics related to updates, modifications, tests, PHP version and technical contacts of the site.

Update Status

The update status postbox on the Upkeep page shows the creation date of the site and the relevant update information. The demo site in question has been successfully updated regularly, but this box will also indicate if there have been failed update attempts recently.

Tests Status

If the initial tests fail on the site, this postbox will inform you of that. In that case, it's recommended to check out the postbox called "Update Tests" – right below on this article.

Update Tests

The update tests postbox can be used to run the wp-test command. For the update system to run, the tests need to pass. In case the tests fail on a false positive, you can whitelist the error with the help of our developer documentation. Whitelisting is not a recommended practice unless you're sure the console error in question is harmless.

Changes Status

Changes Status postbox can be used to run the wp-backup-list-changes command. This command lists file and folder modifications between daily backups with maximum of 30 days offset. This can be useful tool if for instance your site has started to have problems and you would like to track down what have changed.


The Screenshots postbox contains the result of the visual regression test for the latest update or update attempt that was conducted on a separate copy of the site. You can move the slider to see the before and after images. The number above the image indicates the percentage difference between the before and after situation. If the number is highlighted in red, the difference is too significant and the update has not been completed in production.

By clicking the link above the image you can see what the visual regression test has actually seen during its updates. The changed elements are highlighted in yellow.

Seravo Plugin Updater

The Seravo Plugin Updater can be used to force an update to be run for the Seravo Plugin. You will most likely never need this tool, but it is handy to have it close if, for example, you modify the must-use plugins or their folder and need to re-install the Seravo Plugin.

Seravo Updates

In this postbox you can enable (enabled by default) and disable Seravo updates. This is useful especially on sites that have very specific and highly customized features that might break without any visual cues, such as integrations with remote APIs. You can also subscribe to our site specific update notifications via Slack and add or remove contacts from the site. These contacts are used as the contact point in case of security breaches or downtime, as well as to verify whether or not a person is allowed to request details and support from our customer service related to the specific site. It's also required that there is at least one contact email available.

Change PHP Version

The upkeep page includes a tool to change the PHP version that is used by the site. This should not be done lightly, as it can break the site in some cases, so please use the Check PHP Compatibility tool first. If changing the PHP version causes the site to stop functioning in some way, returning to the previously used PHP version is the simplest fix.

In case the tool cannot be reached as a result of the PHP version change, you can use SSH/SFTP and navigate to the folder data/wordpress/nginx, and inside you'll find a file called php.conf. The definition of the PHP version that is currently used is stored inside, and changing the version number and restarting the site's NGINX with wp-restart-nginx will allow you to revert back to the previous PHP version. Our customer support is also happy to assist you with this change. If your site needs to be modified or updated manually to allow for a PHP version update, we suggest you contact your developer. We can also assist with this as part of our expert services.

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