Seravo Plugin – Logs

The logs page of the Seravo Plugin allows you to view the latest logs related to the site. Logs are very useful for identifying problems and issues on the site, as nearly every error or issue is logged and can therefore be traced to its origin.

The different logs available include the typical access logs as well as PHP and NGINX error logs. We've also made available more specific logs such as security, mail and update logs.

The logs are useful for many purposes, such as the update.log visible in the image above. If your site is not updating, you can see the reason for the update failure right here in the update.log. 

We rotate logs to save space, which means that logs over one week old aren't usually available in the logs page, but need to be accessed via SSH or SFTP. If you need help with that, check out our our tutorial on connecting to your site securely using SSH/SFTP. The rotated logs are compressed and can be read and opened with commands such as gunzip, gzip or zcat, for example.

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