How Do I Get Access to the Database?

For data security reasons, our system does not allow PhpMyAdmin, but you can use pre-installed Adminer instead. Adminer offers similar functionalities to PhpMyAdmin, but in a more easy and secure manner.

Database information required for logging in can be found with the help of the Environment variables instructions.

You can access the database directly from the command line with the command wp db cli, in which case verification takes place automatically and the database password does not need to be manually entered.

The database dump can be obtained in several ways. One option is to use the above Adminer tool with a browser and download the database dump from there. Another option is to log in to the server with SSH and run the command wp db export, which automatically creates a SQL file of the WordPress databases. The standard mysqldump command also works.

The third option is to locate the content of the /data/db/ with SFTP, where you will find a database dump in the format of a SQL file, which is automatically created every night.

If you check WordPress’s wp-config.php file, you will only find numerous getenv() invites instead of the usual database information. Due to data security and scalability reasons, the information is read from the environment variables instead of the fixed values in the files. The script wp-config.php will extract the information from the environment variables while running.

You can view all the relevant environment variables, including database access credentials by logging in with ssh and running the command

$ wp-list-env

You can login to the Adminer by adding /.seravo/adminer to the site's URL. For example

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