Multisite Domain Mapping and Configuration

What kind of multisite?

A multisite can have either subdirectory or a subdomain structure.





Multisite with subdirectories

If a multisite installation uses subdirectories, each of the subsites can be mapped with its own domain. Remember to define this domain in the Siteurl and Home fields in the individual subsite settings.

If the subsites already have content and links, the address structure must be updated in the sites' database, search-replace command. You can use Seravo Plugin's features to run this command.

Multisite with subdomains

If a multisite uses subdomains, it can also be configured ("mapped") to use separate domains for the subsites. This is possible with an additional plugin called Mercator. However, you don't need to install it yourself – Seravo will configure it for you when converting your WordPress into a network, get in touch with us to get started! Once Mercator has been activated, "All sites" will show a new column, "Aliases".

In the picture below, in the leftmost column, "URL" must always show the actual subdomains however, in order for the site cookies to function properly.

Also the subsite's Site Address (URL) setting must always show the subdomain.

The separate domain must be defined as an Alias, and must of course be marked as active. Do note that while several aliases can be added, it is recommeneded to have only one active alias. If the intention is to direct several additional domains to a multisite subsite, it is recommended to use an Nginx redirect instead.

Once a domain has been defined as an Alias for a subsite, it must also be configured as the subsite's Siteurl and Home (see the "Settings" tab).

I wish to make my WordPress a multisite. How to proceed?

If you want to turn your site into a WordPress network so that you can create a multisite, please contact Seravo's customer service,

Non-multisite WordPress

Are you looking for the instructions for how to configure a domain in a normal WordPress installation? See our instructions for non-multisite WordPress..

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