Migrating an Existing Site to Seravo.com

You can find easy to follow instructions online on how to migrate WordPress sites to a new provider. We recommend using the All-in-One WP Migration plugin to easily download your existing site and install it on Seravo.com.

We also offer site migrations performed by our experts at an hourly rate of EUR 89. The amount of time needed for the transfer depends on the size and complexity of your site. Make sure to include the URL to your old site in the order form, if you would like to get an offer on site migration for your site. Migrations performed by us come with a full warranty of functionality to make sure your site works perfectly on Seravo.com after the migration.

When migrating a site from generic shared hosting to Seravo.com you will instantly see benefits like increased performance and security. We warmly welcome you to put us to the test and see how much faster your site works on our platform!

When ordering the migration of a site from Seravo.com, we will ensure that the site works perfectly in the new environment.

Instructions: Migrating to Seravo.com

The process of migration

  1. The customer submits an order for the website and a new environment is created (example.fi.seravo.com or similar). The credentials will be sent to the customer's contact.
  2. The domain transfer will be started. It is recommended to also transfer the domains to Seravo.com together with the website: that way our experts can take care of the functionality of the website as a whole. One domain is always included in all our plans. The domain transfer is a separate, background process from the website migration that enables Seravo.com to take care of for instance the registration fees and renewals of your domain. To realize the domain transfer, a domain authorization key, all current DNS records and domain owner information (see below) are needed.
  3. The actual website will be migrated, which means that the content of the website will be copied from the old server to Seravo.com. The credentials needed for the migration are: wp admin-credentials and depending on availability, also SSH-, SFTP-, FTP- or cPanel-credentials.
  4. After the migration the customer will be asked to take a look of the website to make sure that all the content is showing correctly.
  5. A date and time will be agreed together with the customer to finalize the migration and publish the website on Seravo.com's servers. This is done by setting the domain to point to the website located at Seravo.com. If the website in question is a web shop, it will be put in maintenance mode for a while to avoid orders being registered in two different places.
  6. There is a 1-5 hours of delay due to the structure of name servers before the domain fully points to the right place. During this time the website may give a security warning to users because the SSL-sertificate generation process is not yet finished. After all the name servers have been updated and the domain points correctly, the use of old services can be ended safely.

Required domain owner information

In order to transfer a domain to Seravo's administration, we need to set up domain's owner in our name service. Our customer is always the owner of their domains, Seravo simply acts as a technical administrator for it. Here is an example what information we need.

Name of the company: Mycompany Ltd.

Contact person: Firstname Lastname

Address: Baker Street 221 B

Postal code and City: 12345 London

Phone number: +358.401234567

Email address: info@mycompany.com

Business ID: 1234567-8

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