Transferring a Domain to Seravo

Transferring the domain to Seravo's administration means that the customer should provide Seravo with the domain transfer key of their domain (such as .fi/.com/.net, or some other domain). By using the key, Seravo becomes the registrar of the customer's domain. However, the ownership of the domain stays the same, ie. the customer always owns the domain.

After the domain transfer, Seravo can handle and take care of many tasks related to the domain, such as handling of the DNS records and making changes to them. You can send the domain transfer key and previous DNS records (also known as DNS zone file) to our Seravo's customer support.

Please note! The transfer usually takes 1-7 days. The customer should include all the necessary keys in the order form so that the transfer can begin as soon as possible. The DNS records can be edited and web traffic redirected to the new server later on. Changing the registrar of the domain does not affect the website's availability, redirections or online status at any point.

In order to transfer a domain to Seravo's administration, please send us the following information:

  1. Domain transfer key
  2. All DNS records from the old nameserver (DNS zone)
  3. Domain owner information (see below)

You can get the domain transfer key and DNS records from the domain's previous/current registrar.

We require the following information concerning the domain's ownership:

Name of the company: Example Ltd.

Contact person: Firstname Lastname

Address: Baker Street 221 B

Postal code and city: 12345 London

Phone number: +358.401234567

Email address:

Business ID: 1234567-8

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