Migration Method 3: FTP and Manual Database Export

If there is no SSH access to the old server, but only an FTP connection, the site’s files can be copied manually from Seravo.com with the following command:

example@example-wordpress:~$ wget -rl0 -nc -nH -nv  "ftp://user:pass@example.com:/public_html/wp-content"

FTP does not use a secure connection and the username/password is visible in the network without encryption. If the service provider does not have SSH and SFTP connection, stop using the service as soon as possible.

Because a database export cannot be done from the command line without an SSH connection, it must be done manually with e.g. Adminer, PHPMyAdmin, or a similar tool. The selection of tools depends on the old service provider.

For servers, which only have an FTP connection available, the WP Migrate DB plugin can be used for copying the database. After this, the database is easy to move to Seravo.com with the wp db import command:

example@example-wordpress:~$ wp db import /data/db/wordpress-db.sql

We recommend the All-In-One WP Migration plugin for the migration because you can download all files and databases combined in just one file.

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