Can I use alternative methods to make backups?

In short: We do not recommend you to install your own backup plugins on the WordPress site. Read more about which WordPress plugins are recommended with

At Seravo we have automatic backups included into every Plan. We back up all your files and databases off-site every day. If something goes missing or breaks, you can always easily restore your site or just parts of it from a snapshot within 30 days.

Site owners own backup solutions on the site needlessly consume the Plans available disk space while the backups made by Seravo are excluded from the disk space calculations. Furthermore the site owner is responsible of the management of their own backups as well as deleting them if a site user requests their data to be deleted according to the GDPR.

Less plugins also means less chances to the site to break and a smaller attack-vector for malicious parties. As the backups are already taken care of by Seravo, we do not recommend you to install you own backups plugins.

However if you want or have the need to, you can build a system that extracts the backups made by Seravo to your own server somewhere outside the websites server. This can be done using for example SSH or SFTP and adds an extra layer of security to your site.

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