Staging Environments (Shadows)

What are shadows?

Staging environments (or "shadows", as they are called at Seravo) are copies of your WordPress site. Shadows are not backed up automatically, but you can manually run backups in shadows if you want to save your work by using the wp-backup command, or Seravo Plugin in the WordPress admin dashboard (in the "Tools" menu). 

As shadows do not have automatic backups, we recommend you to store modifications and site redevelopments elsewhere in the longer term, and use shadows as a testing environment instead of storage for modifications. Do read our guide on local development, it can truly make your life easier and your workflow more efficient!

How to access and use a shadow

Read our guide for instructions on how to access and use the shadow environment. If your site does not have a staging environment yet, you can contact us and request that a shadow is created for you.

Local Development

Read more about developing your site locally in Seravo's Developer Docs.

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