Migrating an Existing Site to Seravo

If you already have an existing WordPress site, it can be easily migrated to Seravo's servers.

You can do the migration yourself by following the instructions for site migration, or alternatively you can let our experts take care of it for you by purchasing a few hours of additional work (the actual amount hours will depend on the size of the site and the number of components to be migrated). When ordering the migration from us, we will ensure that the site works perfectly in its new environment.

When migrating a site from generic shared hosting to Seravo premium hosting and upkeep, to servers that are especially optimized for WordPress hosting, you will instantly see benefits such as increased performance and security. We warmly welcome you to put us to the test and see how much faster your site works on our platform!

The site will not be updated immediately after the transfer. If the site is functioning properly, updates to the plugins, themes, and WordPress core will be run in the next update cycle shortly after migration.

The Migration Process

  1. Submit an order for the website, and a new environment is created with a temporary URL (example.fi.seravo.com or similar). The credentials will be sent by email.
  2. The domain transfer will be started. It is recommended to also transfer the domains to Seravo together with the website: this way our experts can take care of the functionality of the website as a whole. One domain is always included in all of our plans. The domain transfer is a separate background process from the website migration that enables Seravo to take care of, for instance, the registration fees and renewals of your domain. To successfully transfer the domain, send a domain authorization key, all current DNS records, and domain owner information (see below) to Seravo by email (help@seravo.com).
  3. The website will be migrated, which means that the content of the website will be copied from the old server to Seravo. The credentials needed for the migration are: wp admin-credentials and depending on availability, also SSH-, SFTP-, FTP- or cPanel-credentials. You can do the migration yourself or order it from Seravo as separately billable expert work.
  4. After the migration, you will be asked to review the website to make sure that all the content loads correctly.
  5. After the site has been reviewed and everything looks good, publishing will be scheduled and the website will be published at the agreed time. This happens by editing the DNS records, and directing the web traffic to Seravo. Ecommerce sites will be put in maintenance mode for a while as the DNS changes propagate, to avoid duplicate orders between the old and new servers.
  6. It may take up to 1–5 hours for the DNS (domain name system) to update, during which the web traffic will start directing to Seravo's servers. During this time, the website may give a security warning to users because the SSL certificate generation process is not yet finished. After all the DNS  information has updated, the use of old services can be ended safely. The website continues operating at Seravo's premium hosting and upkeep.
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