How do I purge the server caches?

You can easily clear the WordPress Redis object cache and the Nginx page cache concerning the entire site with one command:

$ wp-purge-cache

If necessary you can delete only the WordPress cache itself with the command:

$ wp cache flush

Delete database transients:

$ wp transient delete --all

For individual pages, you can skip the server caches by performing a , i.e. in most browsers by pressing Ctrl+F5 instead of just F5. You can also clear the entire sites cache from the WordPress control panel by clicking on the 'Purge cache' button located in the top bar.’s system is an optimized WordPress environment, and there are caches at many levels: The HTTP cache at the front-end server, WordPress’s transients (stored with Redis), PHP shell caches, MariaDB database caches, Linux kernel caches, file system caches, etc. The caches have been built in such a way that they are updated automatically, when the original content, which they transmit, is updated. The software of an individual customer can only affect WordPress transients or HTTP headers, on which basis the HTTP headers are saved in caches in and various end-user proxies.

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