Activate Object Cache

By default, WordPress saves transients and other cache type data in the same MariaDB database, where the actual data is. You can try to optimize this by enabling the object cache plugin. As standard,’s service packages have Redis for this purpose, which is an information store for cache use in the RAM memory. The Redis server settings are already in the wp-config.php file and renaming the plugin, so that WordPress can find it, is enough for its activation:

cd /data/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content
mv object-cache.php

Accordingly, object cache can be disabled by renaming it mv object-cache.php After the change you need to run the command wp-purge-cache to make sure all the old data is purged.

The functionality of the object cache can be viewed with the command redis-cli monitor, which shows continuous print instead of one row of OK text, if searches or records are received by the object cache during WordPress’s page download.

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