How do I Send E-mail from WordPress?

Depending on the website, WordPress might send quite a lot of email outward. These messages can include for example newsletters, contact requests from online forms, order confirmations from an e-commerce or requests to reset a password. Messages like this are basic functions for an array of websites and therefore it's crucial to be able to secure safe delivery of e-mails and a well working website. Read more how to ensure that e-mails sent by WordPress are delivered properly.

With Seravo the WordPress e-mail environment is set up to the best practices. Our expertly crafted system ensures that all e-mails sent by WordPress are delivered. Seravo's e-mail service works by calling the PHP mail()-function directly giving the website owner the freedom to concentrate on the relevant.

This means that e-mail from your WordPress site works out-of-the-box and you don't need to set any PHP or SMTP settings yourself simply to get e-mail working.

All outgoing e-mail is delivered via a dedicated service. Seravo currently uses Sendgrid. Seravo also monitors the amount of outgoing email and the delivery for any major issues. We ensure that with all domains that are maintained by us have their SPF- and DKIM-records correctly set up. If you want to manage your own domains, you may refer to our Helpy-page on setting up your own DNS.

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