How do I set up e-mail if my WordPress site is on

With Seravo, you can trust that your WordPress website has the best hosting available. Your website and e-mail are not bound to be provided by the same service provider and you may direct them to different servers. Seravo offers many different options for the customer to handle their e-mail under their own domain.

When your plan is delivered, you will get all credentials, passwords and other necessary information to the chosen email option.

You can select the email solution of your choice when ordering’s package. We do offer our customers a normal email service (IMAP), but in many cases, it is wiser that the email service is acquired from elsewhere. In this case, we recommend the Google Workspace service.

Google Workspace and Gmail

We recommend as the primary option for our customers the Google Workspace -service.

Handling even multiple e-mail users with Google Workspace is easy. The service comes with a bunch of storage space and many other essential tools for working as a team, such as calendar, file management and video conference.

In one-person businesses, a viable option is a personal Gmail account, which emails are redirected to the address. For further information, read our article on setting up your Gmail to your own domain.

Other e-mail service provider

How www and e-mail traffic are forwarded is defined in the domain name service. These do not have to be forwarded to the same server. Our customer can also optionally continue with their previous e-mail service provider. Specify the servers and necessary MX-fields to our customer service or input the information when ordering a new service.

You can choose your preferred email option when you fill in the order form.

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