How to verify domain ownership for most service providers

Some service providers require that you verify your ownership of the domain name when taking the service into use. Some of the services are for example Facebook Business pages, Google Search Console and Analytics or email services like Google Workspace and MS Office 365. This is done for security reasons. All services offer multiple different ways to verify ownership but most commonly used are these.

Verify with html file

The fastest and easiest way to verify that you own your domain is to download verification file from the service setup page. Google verification filename looks like google4ddabfacdb4fxxxx.html and Facebook's <letter-and-number-code>.html

  1. Download the file from service providers setup page to your local computer
  2. Upload the file to your website's server in htdocs folder. You can do that for example by using a SFTP-client or with SCP in command line.

After this check that the file can be found by opening it in the browser:<verificationfile>.html

Send us an email at if you need any help with this.

Verify with DNS record

The other (slower) way to verify domain ownership is to add TXT-type verification record in the DNS settings. For example:

@ 10800 IN TXT "facebook-domain-verification=<code>"


@ 10800 IN TXT "google-site-verification=<code>"

You can do this in WordPress admin panel (Tools -> Domains) if your domain is administered by Seravo or you can send the request to our customer service. Other wise you need to ask your domain's DNS administrator to add the record. Due to the time in handling the customer support request and the delay when updating the name server, it might take several hours before the domain is verified. So, we strongly recommend that you use the html file method.

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