Can I install my own plugins and themes on my site?

Yes. With Seravo web hosting you may install any and all WordPress plugins and themes you desire. However, we encourage you to primarily use high quality open source plugins and themes published on Notice, that a website with an installation of Woocommerce is considered an e-commerce which requires a WP-Business subscription or higher.

Keep in mind that we can not ensure that all third-party plugins work flawlessly on our services, neither we are held responsible for any issues caused by such plugins. To be able to update a premium plugin you need to set the licence key in the settings of the plugin. The licence also needs to be renewed yearly by the owner of the site.

We suggest taking a look of the list of Seravo's recommended plugins. You can also suggest any additional plugins, if you think that one you need is missing.

Seravo is meant only for WordPress

Note also, that you can install any plugins and themes meant for WordPress, but installing other applications is not allowed nor supported. Examples of a totally different application are Nextcloud or Matomo.

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