Can I Install software other than WordPress on the server?

No. Seravo's WordPress hosting service is meant only for WordPress sites. It is technically possible to transfer any files onto the server and it is technically possible to run PHP scripts outside of WordPress but it is prohibited under our terms of service.

Every plan includes server space and upkeep of WordPress. We do not guarantee that any other software would function. In a case where foreign software causes extra work for the server administrators, we may charge the customer 95€ per hour for maintenance work that is done outside of the service plan terms.

In a case where the customer attempts to run software that does not belong on the server, such as PHPMyAdmin, Nextcloud/ownCloud, Matomo/Piwik or any other, we reserve the right to remove any such software as soon as it hinders the functionality of the customer's actual WordPress service. For example if there are some excess static html files or an individual minor PHP file in subfolders on the server, which do not require any extra upkeep, we won't interfere with them.

Our security guarantee will be voided in the case where the customer has installed anything other than WordPress in their server space, since we can only take care of testing and updates of WordPress. In some cases our security monitor may remove foreign software automatically.

If the customer needs to run for example Nextcloud or Matomo, we suggest purchasing a separate service from a Nextcloud or Matomo service provider, or acquiring completely self-hosted server space.

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