Can I keep my site hidden until I’m ready to publish it?

Yes. It is easily achieved by activating the Maintenance plugin. You can define what is visible to the public in its settings. When the “maintenance status” is on, only logged in users can see the site’s real content. This function enables, e.g. an advertising agency to develop a new site and the customer can view it without the site being visible to the public.

If a maintenance message or such wants to be implemented with just a static file, you can create a file in the index.html folder /data/wordpress/htdocs/, in which case the server will provide that file instead of the WordPress file (index.php). If you would also like all requests to the site (including subpages’ direct requests) to be referred to this static file, you can add a row rewrite ^ /index.html break; to the /data/nginx/custom.conf file and activate the change by running wp-restart-nginx.

The website you ordered is visible at, which does not however appear in e.g. Google search. The domain chosen for the publication of the actual site must be addressed to’s server. We can take care of this for you, when we have received the necessary IDs (see Transferring a Domain to Seravo).

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