Setting up HTTPS certificates

All Seravo hosting plans include an HTTPS certificate by default, which includes acquires and installs the so-called TLS certificate on the customer's site. TLS certificates installed by Seravo are high quality and trustworthy; they have all certificate paths set up correctly and both the algorithm and the protocol choices are done using the industry best practices. Seravo is also always keeping up with the developments in the industry and stays up-to-date on things related to information security, including updating HTTPS practices when needed.

HTTPS protection and TLS certificate by default

HTTPS protection is used on the site from the start and the customer doesn't have to do anything to set it up. Changes are only needed if the customer wants to remove a specific HTTPS certificate but it is not recommended.

If the customer has for some reason de-activated the HTTPS protection from the WordPress settings, which is activated by default on all sites set up by Seravo, it can be re-activated by following the directions on How do I Enable the HTTPS on our Website?

Using a TLS certificate from other sources

We don't recommend using a TLS certificate from other sources as it does not achieve any notable gains for the customer. Certificates set up by Seravo use the latest algorithms and encryption keys and the certificate chains and other settings are set up correctly. We do not recommend using EV certificates for example, as the organizational certification adds notable extra work without any significant technical advantage. Large international corporations with notable information security resources, such as and don't use EV certificates either.

If the customer wants to use their own TLS certificate, however, Seravo will charge an expert work fee for checking the correctness of the certificate and for the installation of the certificate. The customer can place the .key and the .crt files into their own site's /data folder and then order the checking and installation of the certificate from Seravo. Note that the time used in guiding the customer in the acquiring process of the TLS certificates is chargeable expert work. The customer is also responsible for purchasing the correct TLS certificate and renewing the certificate in a timely manner before the expiration.

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