HTTPS certificates

Seravo's upkeep includes that all sites must be https protected with HTTPS, and getting the HTTPS/TLS/SSL certificate is a part of our service and included in the price of all plans and domains customers have.

Customers, who have special requests regarding EV validated certificates or other custom needs, may contact our customer support to request special certificates.

The certificates Seravo use to protect our customers' sites are only intended for use at Seravo. We do not under any circumstances transfer the secret certificate keys out from our systems, not even to the customer themselves. Seravo does not sell HTTPS certificates for external use – all HTTPS certificates managed by Seravo are for sites in Seravo's upkeep.

If you have a site at Seravo, say, and you have another site somewhere else, say, you need to produre a separate certificate for that site. The certificate at Seravo cannot be exported out from our systems due to security reasons, nor do we offer any service to install or renew certificates on external services. There is no problem that two certificates exist for the same domain or it's subdomains. A new certificate will not automatically invalidate any existing certificate in any way.

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