Can I use my own SMTP service?

By default a WordPress site will send all its emails through a SMTP service that uses SendGrid as its base and is controlled and managed by Seravo. If the site owner wants to manage the sent email themselves, they can install a WordPress plugin and configure it to work with a third party SMTP service.

At Seravo we don't recommend any specific plugins for this use but below are a few that are popular amongst our customers:

The introduction of such plugin is on the customers responsibility, however. You must make sure that correct configurations have been put in the plugin and that the email is actually being sent via the third party SMTP account (for  example SendGrid, Mailgun, Mailchimp). When using an external SMTP service the logs will not be found from the usual place on the server. The location of the logs depends on the used plugin/service.

We recommend using your own SMTP service if the site will be sending massive amounts of email and you want to manage and analyse them more closely by using a UI designed for that and provided by the external SMTP service.

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