Transferring a Single WordPress Site to a Multisite

It is possible to run several sites in a single WordPress installation. This is called WordPress multisite (or network installation). It is meant for large environments that have several related sites. At Seravo, WordPress multisite requires the WP-Enterprise plan. Here are the instructions how you can move a single site inside a multisite, if you have such plan set up.

The starting point

  • A working WordPress multisite installation
  • A working normal WordPress site

The process

On the single site, install All-in-one WP migration plugin (AI1).

$ wp plugin install all-in-one-wp-migration
$ wp plugin activate all-in-one-wp-migration

On the multisite, also install AI1 plugin and it's multisite extension.

$ wp plugin install all-in-one-wp-migration all-in-one-wp-migration-multisite-extension
$ wp plugin activate all-in-one-wp-migration all-in-one-wp-migration-multisite-extension

Login to WP admin on the single-site and export it by using AI1 plugin (Export > File)

Login to WP admin on the multisite and go to: My sites > Network Admin > All in one WP migration. Import the single site (Import > File > choose the .wpress file exported earlier).

If the multisite is subdomain-type or you want to specify own domains for the subsites, check the domain mapping for the new site: WP admin > Tools > Domain mapping.

Check that the domain for the new site has been added to multisite's routing and that the domain points to a correct server in DNS.

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