How do I Access the WordPress files?

All service package include a SSH connection and you have received remote connection logins by email together with your delivery confirmation. You can use those credentials to login to the server in your preferred manner.

You can use SCP and SFTP connections for transferring data to the server. With a SSH connection, you can log on to the server command line, where you can use tools, such as WP-CLI Composer and Git, in addition to editing files.

WordPress is installed on our server to the following path: /data/wordpress/htdocs/. The user’s home directory is under the path /data/home/. Please note that the /data folder and its subfolders are the only place, where the customer can store his/her data. It is also the only location, which Seravo ensures storage and backup for. System files in other directories are destroyed in connection with updates due to data security reasons.

In our service, WordPress’s folder structure applies the Bedrock project’s folder structure, which facilitates, e.g. using the Composer tool. More information can be found in the developer documentation at

With most hosting platforms, you can edit the Apache server rules with the .htaccess file. In, a faster http server called Nginx is used instead of Apache.

More about editing Nginx's rules here: How do I add Custom Configurations to the Web Server?

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