Rudimentary E-mail from Seravo

It is possible to order a basic email account from Seravo. For companies, we recommend a full featured email service like the G Suite from Google, but for very basic needs we can create an email account if the domain is administered by Seravo. Our name service provider offers email accounts as an add-on service.

Log in

The webmail log in address is There is also an older version of the webmail in, but we recommend using the new modernized version.


The old webmail allowed you to only send and read emails, but the new interface has also some more advanced features, like out-of-office replies and mail forwarding. To set up them, go to mail settings via the gear icon (see blow) and click Mail > Vacation or Mail > Forward.

IMAP settings in e-mail applications

You can read your e-mail with separate e-mail applications using the following IMAP settings. With Windows-, Mac- and Linux-workstations we suggest using the open source Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail application. For security reasons, we advise you not to use Outlook. E-mail can be accessed with any smartphone app which supports the IMAP-protocol.

Server settings in the e-mail application:

IMAP-server (incoming e-mail)
Incoming server name:
Port: 993 (IMAP SSL)
TLS or SSL: Yes
Password: xxxxx
SMTP-server (outgoing e-mail)
Outgoing (SMTP) server name :
Port : 465 (SSL) or 587 (STARTTLS)
TLS or SSL: yes
SMTP Authentication: yes
Password: xxxxx

Sender information in Thunderbird

As your desktop e-mail application we recommend using Mozilla Thunderbird, which is available for Windows-, Mac- and Linux-workstations. To setup the application, you need the IMAP settings above.

To setup the sender information, navigate to Preferences > Account Settings. You may write your desired address into the Email Address field in the Default Identity -section.

Alternatively you can add multiple sender addresses by choosing the Manage Identities and Add options. After this you may choose your desired sender from the dropdown-menu in the sender field.

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