Cron Jobs in the Staging Environment

If you have WP-Pro, Business or Enterprise package, it is possible to have a staging environment for site development. In the staging environment you can safely develop your site without disturbing the production site.

When we create the staging environment for you, it is an exact copy of your current production environment and this includes for example the cron jobs if you have used any in the production site. Triggering cron jobs simultaneously from production and staging sites may in some cases cause them to fail, and thus it would disturb your production site functionality.

Check what cron jobs you have in staging and remove any jobs that you don't absolutely need in the development environment.

crontab -e

Also, if the cron scripts access your own site pay attention that refers to the production site, if you want to access the staging site, you need to add the seravo_shadow attribute to the URL, e.g

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