Building a Site in the Seravo Development Environment

Our aim at Seravo is to make the development of a site easy and even enjoyable compared to other WordPress hosting solutions. Our Seravo plugin offers plenty of additional features to the WordPress control panel, and each hosting plan comes with their own server environment, that you can access with SSH/SFTP credentials.

For our customers with at least the WP Pro plan we offer the possibility for a staging environment.

For developers we have also created an extensive Knowledge Base:

Can I use Vagrant virtual machine when developing WordPress?

Yes. In fact, the /data/wordpress folder on the server already contains a Vagrantfile, i.e. by copying the relevant directory to your own computer and running vagrant up, a Vagrant virtual machine will start up, which is compatible with’s system. The use of Vagrant is particularly useful for Windows and Mac users, who are provided a ready-to-use Linux environment with a http server and databases via the virtual machine.

More information can be found at

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