Transferring a Single WordPress Site to a Multisite

It is possible to run several sites in a single WordPress installation. This is called WordPress multisite (or network installation). It is meant for large environments that have several related sites. At Seravo, WordPress multisite requires at least the WP-Corporate plan. Here are the instructions on how you can move a single site inside a multisite if you have such a plan set up.

The starting point

  • A working WordPress multisite installation
  • A working normal WordPress site

The process

On the single site, install All-in-one WP migration plugin (AI1).

$ wp plugin install all-in-one-wp-migration --activate

On the multisite, also install All-In-One WP Migration plugin and its multisite extension.

$ wp plugin install all-in-one-wp-migration --activate

Login to WP admin on the single-site and export it by using All-In-One WP Migration plugin ( Export > File)

Login to WP admin on the multisite and go to My sites > Network Admin > All in one WP migration. Import the single site (Import > File > choose the .wpress file exported earlier).

If the multisite is subdomain-type or you want to specify own domains for the subsites, check the domain mapping for the new site: WP admin > Tools > Domain mapping.

Check that the domain for the new site has been added to multisite's routing and that the domains DNS points to a correct server.

Please note that you can always order site transfers from Seravo, by contacting us on

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