Why are Seravo.com plans more expensive than with other hosting companies?

At Seravo.com your plan includes both hosting, domain name, upkeep, and customer service. These services often come with additional charges from other service providers. Buying one plan lets you know exactly what you get — you don’t have to pay for additional services.

We differ from regular hosting services by the effort we put into the upkeep of your site. We take care of updates and make sure that the newest version of both WordPress core and plugins work perfectly. We take care of security and will even clear up your site if it gets hacked. We also take daily backups of all your content and can return your site into a previous situation if necessary.

Investing in safe, fast and functional websites benefit your company in several ways. It is our job to take care of our customers’ sites so that they themselves can focus on the core of their business. And just as a comparison: our most affordable plan is equivalent to your monthly mobile phone bill!

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