Which Seravo.com Plan Should I Choose?

The easiest way to get started with building your WordPress site is to select the right plan for you on our order page. The pricing of our plans is based on the amount of users your website has and the capacity that is required from our servers and upkeep. We suggest you to choose the Mini plan for small websites and the Pro plan for medium size sites. The Business plan is designed for e-commerce sites and web stores and the Enterprise site is for large websites with over 1200 visitors per day.

You can compare the different plans on seravo.com/plans

Even though we suggest you to choose the plan according to the amount of visitors, we will never shut the site because of too much traffic. If the suggestive amount of visitors and HTTP requests is exceeded repeatedly, we will contact you and discuss the need for a bigger plan.

Once you've chosen the plan you want, you can order it from our website. You need to fill in the order form regardless if the site is a new one or you're migrating an existing WordPress-site to Seravo.com.

We will process your order as fast as possible, normally within the same working day. After the order has been processed you'll get your log in credentials via email which you can use to log in to your new sites WordPress-management. So you don't have to download or install anything to your computer.

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