Restrict site access by country (geoblock)

Sometimes it may be useful or required to restrict or redirect a visitor's access to a site based on what country the visitor is located in. Seravo has a feature integrated to do these restrictions, and here's how to configure it.

Restrict access with PHP

Using the Seravo-specific HTTP header X-Seravo-Country-Code you can achieve more specific restrictions.

Forward visitors to another site based on country code

Useful e.g. if you have a multilingual site and you want to forward visitors directly to the correct language version.

    switch (strtolower($_SERVER['HTTP_X_SERAVO_COUNTRY_CODE'])) {
        // Forward Finnish visitors to
        case 'fi':
        // Forward Swedish visitors to
        case 'se':
            // Do nothing, continue processing in WordPress
} else {
    error_log("Error: X-Seravo-Country-Code header not found!");

Login page restrictions with WP-CLI

It is also possible to set a location-based restriction for the WordPress login page. This feature is currently being implemented. Meanwhile, we recommend installing a reCaptcha plugin for login pages and making use of two-factor authentication (2FA) when logging in.

Further reading

Read more on restricting access on your WordPress website from Seravo's Developer Docs.

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