User tracking and analytics on your site

You can monitor and track the visitors on your website with many different tools. Most commonly used ones are Google Analytics and Matomo

Google Analytics is an extensive and constantly evolving service that enables you to see different kinds of statistics and other information about the visitors on your site. Google is also efficient in filtering out the bot traffic automatically. You can read more from Google Analytic website.

One popular open source alternative for web-analytics is Matomo (former Piwik). More info about this tool on Matomo's own website

HTTP-statistics in Seravo

The HTTP-statistics and reports can be checked from the wp-admin of your site via the seravo-plugin under Tools -> Site Status. From this view you can see the complete amount of last months traffic as HTTP-requests. 

A more complete report can be opened from under the View report-button. These reports are provided by the server itself via the GoAccess-tool. It's noteworthy that these reports are not real-time, instead new month becomes available after the current month has changed. 

The GoAccess reports also include all the server traffic in the reports, that includes all the bots, so the numbers might differ a bit from for example Google Analytics. 

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