Managing Divi theme's cache

One of the most popular WordPress themes, Divi, has built-in caching features. Custom caching solutions in addition to the ones Seravo provides may cause issues on some sites. You should know how to manage the caching settings to investigate the problems they might a cause to.

Clearing Divi cache

The way Divi caches CSS is by generating a static file of them. That's a very efficient way to improve your sites performance as static files are taken care of by HTTP level caching but the file might not include the changes you've made after the file was generated. The solution to this is deleting the file so it can be regenerated.

If you have static CSS file generating on, you can delete them by logging in to your WordPress site and by opening Theme options -page under the Divi menu. You can find the Clear button for static CSS file generation under the Builder tab's advanced options.

Disabling Divi cache

You can disable the static CSS file generation from the same page as they can be cleared. In addition to that, Javascript and CSS files are minified and combined to decrease the amount of HTTP requests and file sizes. You can prevent the theme from doing by switching from Builder tab to General tab. At the bottom of the page, there's the switches for the features in question.

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