What is WP-CLI?

An essential part of Seravo's WordPress platform are good developer tools, from which one of the most relevant is the WP-CLI command line tool. With WP-CLI you can update expansions, configure multisite installations and do much more, without using a web browser. The fundamental idea is that the WordPress site can be managed completely from the command line.

Traditionally as an admin you can manage the website from the Control Panel, but WP-CLI will make managing the site faster and easier. Running updates, creating backups, and other regular admin tasks are quickly executed from the command line with WP-CLI commands.

The WP-CLI version 2.2 is available for all Seravo customers, and with new orders it comes automatically. In this version the structure of the tool is updated so that it guarantees fast execution times for its user. Also the usability and reliability of the tool rose to a new level with the update compared to the earlier versions.

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