How to properly delete a user from WordPress?

The GDPR or General Data Privacy Regulation enables the website users to request their personal information deleted from the site registry. The site owner (registrar) has to delete all necessary information as extensively as possible when requested and one of the most relevant personal information in WordPress is the user and its metadata.

When deleting WordPress users it's important to note that when a user is deleted, the posts made by the user are also deleted. It is important to remember to transfer all the content made by the deleted user to another user BEFORE deletion.

The correct way deleting a WordPress user while preserving the user content is as follows:

1. In WordPress admin panel navigate to User -> All Users choose Delete for the chosen user.

2. After this you have to choose the other user which all the content will be attributed to:

3. Finally, you can press "Confirm Deletion" to finalize the process.

Please note that Seravo does not control or manage the users of the clients website. The site owner is responsible for the validity of the user information as well as responsible of deleting the information when requested.

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