How to Upload Files Larger than 128MB to the Server?

To ensure optimal performance and to protect against denial-of-service attacks Seravo has specified that a single HTTP-request can be maximum of 128 MB and take only 3 minutes. Any HTTP-connections that are larger or longer than these limits will be terminated if no confirmation of the connection is made from the website.

The most typical case is that the user wants to upload a file larger than 128 MB. In these cases the easiest solution is to install the Big File Uploads -plugin which allows the user to upload large files to the server in smaller chucks. After installing the plugin you should adjust the settings according to the following image or by running the command

wp option set tuxfu_chunk_size 16384

Similar plugins are also available for other cases, including for example the Advanced File Uploader -plugin for the Gravity Forms -plugin.

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